Last Updated: Dec 03, 2018 02:43PM PST

Students, Residents, and Fellows must submit proof of status attesting to current enrollment as a student, employment as a resident, or appointment as a fellow in order to receive discounted registration fees.

One of the following must be submitted:
  • Student/Resident ID that has an expiration date. If your Student/Resident ID does not have an expiration date on it, you may send a copy of it along with your transcript, or letter of acceptance from your educational institution or Resident program.
  • A dated letter from your institution on letter head, signed by an advisor or department head, showing that you are currently enrolled as a student, employed as a resident, or have a fellowship.

To request a discount on registration, please submit your proof of status by sending us a message through the ADA Registration & Hotel Support Center.
  • Select "Attendee" as the Attendee type
  • Select "Registration" as the Case Category.
  • Followed by "New Registration" as the Registration topic. 
  • Provide all required information, then attach and upload your proof of status.
  • You may also fax your proof of status to (415) 293-4073.

Upon receipt and verification of your proof of status, you will be sent an Invitation Code via email to register and book your hotel online.